Folk Wellness is a wave of positive energy that sweeps through a community!

Causing people to connect to who they were meant to be. We believe you are meant to run, jump, crawl, sweat, compete and believe! Folk is a refuge to be around other like-minded individuals, working together to accomplish something for yourself and be challenged from within. Folk Wellness reignites the flame that already burns inside of you that is dimmed from years of neglect, but still burning. Unleash the fire, join the movement — become a Folkster!

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What People Are Saying About Us

Folk is not just a bootcamp, its a lifestyle and a family!
Emily Kelley, Stephenville Folk Wellness
I have never had anyone want to help me achieve my goals like my Folk group!
Emily Kelley, Stephenville Folk Wellness
Folk Wellness has changed my life and habits for living a healthier life.
Dustin Haver, Austin Bootcamp
All of my clothes are fitting better! Love losing those inches from working out with Folk!
Lauren Hardman, Stephenville Folk Wellness