Folk Wellness is a wave of positive energy that sweeps through a community!

Causing people to connect to who they were meant to be. We believe you are meant to run, jump, crawl, sweat, compete and believe! Folk is a refuge to be around other like-minded individuals, working together to accomplish something for yourself and be challenged from within. Folk Wellness reignites the flame that already burns inside of you that is dimmed from years of neglect, but still burning. Unleash the fire, join the movement — become a Folkster!

Why get started Group photos

Everyone knows the benefits of physical exercise. We are bombarded by the media as to how much good it can and will do for each of us. The truth is that a good and consistent exercise program combined with a healthy diet can go a long way in correcting health related problems. Exercise also creates a stronger heart, reduces stress, decreases the risk of diabetes, improves your mood and self-esteem and the list of benefits goes on and on.


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