Roxanne Stoever

Regional Manager & Instructor

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My name is Roxanne and I am the Schulenburg Bootcamp Instructor, as well as the Regional Manager of the surrounding area bootcamps. My husband and I have 2 precious boys and blessed to be having another child on the way. I’m currently a teacher by day, and a busy mommy in the evenings. I have always been dedicated to doing my best to stay in shape, therefore when I heard about Folk Wellness coming to Schulenburg I was super pumped and excited!  I showed up to the first class and found that I was an hour late and they were already cooling down, rather then warming up….even though everyone else thought it was funny, I was truly disappointed. From then on, I loved the bootcamp style classes and never missed (I made sure I wasn’t late…hehe)!  I have never felt in better shape, and overall stronger and leaner. When I was asked if I would be interested in instructing, I was excited, nervous, anxious, and ready to take on the challenge! I just LOVE to be around the friendly energy of the group, and the impact I get to have on people’s lives. I love to motivate people and drive them to challenge themselves, and I hope my energy and love for fitness will help encourage other people. I thrive on experiencing the level of commitment that each member gives to the classes.  Even being pregnant has not kept me away from instructing and working out. Bootcamp has provided me with the energy I need, and provides me with the strength and endurance I will need to help make birth easier. Because of Folk Wellness, I have a new outlook on exercise, nutrition,  and found a hidden talent as an instructor, and have developed many friendships that will last forever!  I love all my teams like they are my own family!!

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Roxanne Stoever