Kristin Haver

Founder & Instructor


I love life… and that is exactly the reason why I decided to start Folk Wellness Co.! One of my passions in life is to educate and promote a happier and healthier lifestyle to those around me. I didn’t get here alone though – it took an amazing company, Milkshake Media, to give me my first Corporate Training opportunity; a dear friend, Pattie B, to help me find the courage within to take the leap and trust that the net would appear; and a slew of honest-to-goodness best friends and family members that trusted in me to lead them on this journey. 

I strive to go beyond just a bootcamp class and offer a loving, fun, friendly and supportive community of healthy and active people. This includes classes that provide people with the knowledge of how to workout properly and efficiently; nutritional support and guidance; as well as a way for each Folkster to live their best life! I focus on creating long term nutritional, fitness & personal empowerment habits for our Folkster while taking it all one step at a time.  My goal with Folk Wellness Co. is to provide each Folkster with the necessary tools to love life and live the healthiest (and happiest) lifestyle they deserve… all while getting the results they are looking for. 

From the very start, my focus was not a quick-and-easy weight loss method for our Folksters, but to help Folksters develop a new lifestyle that they could continue for the rest of their lives. I love to help our Folksters develop good habits that are perfectly suited for their lifestyle because one size does not “fit all”. Every person is different and that is what makes our groups so special. We take each coach, team and Folkster into consideration and create the best program with their personalities and needs in mind.

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Kristin Haver