Veronica Johnson

Regional Manager & Instructor

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Veronica started out attending Folk Wellness bootcamps 3 years ago & once she experienced her own results, she was hooked. For the first time in her life, she became stronger, faster, empowered & above all enjoyed working out with awesome groups of people. “The benefits of outdoor, team workouts are endless…it’s fast-paced, it’s fun & it’s so motivating!  Not to mention, I’ve met so many amazing people & forged several lasting relationships ever since joining Folk Wellness Co. That, along with being the healthiest & most in-shape I’ve ever been in my life, well, you just can’t put a price on that!”  Since joining Folk, she’s reached a goal of finishing her first Austin Half Marathon & still continues to run in events with our Folk Teams.

Wanting to help others achieve their own fitness goals, she joined the Folk Wellness team of instructors in October 2011 and loves every minute of working with her teams! “We get out there, rain or shine, work hard, sweat & have a good time! Our workouts are designed for folks at any fitness level, so it’s never intimidating & everyone is welcome.  I’ve been so inspired watching my teams transform their bodies, their health, their fitness levels and their attitudes. Folk truly is a wave of positive energy!” She knows, from her own experiences, that anyone can make positive changes in their lives.  All it takes is a little hard work, commitment & making simple lifestyle changes.     

Veronica grew up in Moulton, TX where some of her first “outdoor workouts” as a child involved helping her parents & grandparents on their family farm. She attended Texas State University in San Marcos,TX where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing.  She now lives in Manchaca, TX (that’s way south Austin) with her awesome husband, Chad and their two dogs, Gunner & Harley. “We love Austin because it’s such a great city for doing anything outdoors, perfect for our lifestyle. In our spare time, you’ll find us hanging out with friends & family, working in our garden, tackling remodeling projects or just relaxing at the pool or near one of our many local lakes or rivers.” In addition to instructing Folk Wellness bootcamps, she is also Owner/Safety Specialist of Baby Safe Homes of Central Texas & a Transitions Lifestyle Coach. She credits her parents for always instilling in her the importance of a healthy, fit lifestyle.  

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Veronica Johnson