Mar 25 2012


Can it be addictive? Yes, artificial sweeteners create an artificial need for more sweetness.

Side effects of aspartime! The University Of Miami Miller School Of Medicine and at Columbia University Medical Center found that those who drank diet soda drinks on a daily basis were more likely to contract vascular diseases compared to those who took none.

What can I have? You can replace you habit with real sugar. Although it has more calories, it is still better than being poisoned and try eating more WHOLE FOODS such as vegetables & fruits and getting  regular exercise. You can also try using the Stevia leaf (NOT Truvia). It is natural and does not  cause side effects. Summary: avoid “diet” foods, exercise and moderate your sugar intake!

A scary study! In the first study, researchers looked at nearly a decade of data on 474 Texas seniors and found that those who knocked back two diet sodas a day had bellies that grew 500 percent faster than those of the non-drinkers, it led to waistlines two inches bigger and it caused waistlines to expand 70 percent faster.

More scary stuff! In another study, researchers gave mice either a diet with added corn oil and aspartame — something like a rodent version of a fast food meal with a diet soda and after three months, the aspar-mice had skyrocketing glucose levels and increased insulin resistance, turning them into furry prediabetics with frightening speed.

Here’s more! Various studies over the years have shown that aspartame is actually linked to headaches, migraines, dizziness, tumors and even cancer. The U.S. FDA made public 92 symptoms attributed to aspartame from submitted complaints.

What’s it in? diet sodas, yogurts, chewing gum, sauces, sweetners, drink powders, flavored water, sugar-free products, cereals

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