Sep 4 2015

Bootcamp: The Secret to Faster Fat Loss and Better Run Times

EPOC: Can you really burn calories and torch fat all day long, even when you aren’t working out?

Have you heard of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption? Also known as EPOC. It’s the scientific term for the afterburn effect, which can help you burn more calories long after you’ve stopeed your workout (we touched on this in our 09/01/15 email). Keep reading to learn how EPOC can earn you more effective workouts, burn more calories and help your runs. 

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Improve Your Race Time

Over time high-intensity workouts can increase your VO2 max, or your body’s ability to use oxygen for energy. That means better endurance, which leads to more energy and the ability to sustain more work for a longer period of time (better run times, Folks).

You will find that when you do go back to slower, steady state cardio, you’ll be able to maintain that longer with more ease.

For endurance athletes, adding one or two EPOC-enhancing workouts (that would be 2 Folk Bootcamps, Folks) to your weekly routine can also provide a boost in your next race. The reason: Working different aerobic systems improves endurance while building stronger fast-twitch muscle fibers, which can help deliver that final kick needed to finish strong. (more…)

Aug 18 2015

Recover from your workout with… Watermelon Juice!

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Researchers have revealed many benefits of L-citrulline — an uncommon amino acid found in watermelons— such as preventing post-workout muscle pain.

Lactic acid builds up in muscles when intense exercise necessitates energy production faster than oxygen can be delivered. Normally, the body breaks down glucose into a substance called pyruvate, which is then metabolized aerobically, to be broken down for more energy. However, when there’s a limited supply of oxygen, the body converts pyruvate into lactate, which can also power up the muscles, but with side effects, including increased acidity and next day soreness. 

Researches found that the cells absorbed 19 percent of the amino acid in watermelon juice after eight minutes, compared to only 12 percent of that in the water.

The Benefits of Citrulline in Watermelon

Citrulline is considered an essential amino acid. It has also been shown to benefit blood flow throughout the body and rid the liver of ammonia and other toxins. The citrulline content in watermelons has been shown to lower blood pressure and help with sexual dysfunction for males.

Other Pre-Workout Foods

In order to get the most out of your workout, and the most out of your recovery, try consuming these foods pre-workout:

  •  Bananas – This fruit is full of easily digestible carbohydrates for your body’s fuel supply, as well as plenty of potassium, which helps with nerve and muscle function. Since potassium doesn’t linger in the body for too long, bananas are a good source of the nutrient right before exercise.
  •  Oats – Because they’re rich in fiber, oats allow the body to gradually release carbohydrates into the bloodstream, keeping your available energy consistent over time, instead of burning through it all at once.
  •  Wholegrain bread – Whole grains are a good source of carbohydrates. Topping it with jam or honey can also provide more sugar for fuel, or a sliced boiled egg can add protein.
  •  Fruit Smoothies – They’re high in carbohydrates and protein, and because they’re drinkable, they digested even faster than solids.

Sources: Medical Daily & Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Sep 28 2014

Food Challenge

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Tomorrow starts our next “Guilty Pleasure Give-Up” Folk Food Challenge and runs until Saturday, October 4th. Sunday is always our off-day! Our Schulenburg Bootcamp Folksters are giving up soda & white bread; our LaGrange Bootcamp Folksters are giving up soda & candy; and our Stephenville Bootcamp Folksters took an oath (please see below) and are giving up  juice, sweet tea, ice cream & cereal this week! Anytime you reach for either of these, please think about us and put it down. It’s just one week of your life. #folkfoodchallenge

The Oath!  

  • “I solemnly swear to practice portion control, eat more fruit, and steer clear of the foods we listed above until Friday” -Stephenville Folksters, September 29, 2014

Why Soda?

  • Dehydration. Because caffeine is a diuretic, it leads to an increase in urine volume. So, when you drink a caffeinated soda to quench your thirst, you will actually become thirstier. 
  • High calories. A can of regular cola contains over 150 calories. Not only are these calories devoid of any nutritional value, but they also deplete your body of vital nutrients
  • Acid. The amount of acid in soda is enough to wear away at the enamel of your teeth, making them more susceptible to decay. In tests done on the acidity levels of soda, certain ones were found to have PH levels as low as 2.. To put that into perspective, consider that battery acid has a pH of and pure water has a pH of 7.
  • Weight gain. Researchers at the University of Texas say artificial sweeteners can interfere with the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake. This could mean that people who consume artificially sweetened items, “diet coke”, are more likely to overindulge.


Jun 27 2014

Testimonial Friday

Why Folk? Because it’s amazing, never boring and has allowed me to accomplish things I never guessed I could do!  The friends I have made are so caring and supportive and it’s the only program that I know of that is kid friendly! I couldn’t do it with out that factor. Thank you Folk and Karissa for getting me off the couch and teaching me a better, healthier way to live! –Lori from La Grange Bootcamp
I have been a member of the Folk Family for just over two years now. Being a part of such a wonderful family has helped me to continue my exercise regimen and actually enjoy it at the same time! The workouts are always different, so it’s not the same thing every time. The workouts are also as challenging as you want to make them. There are always modifications for those just joining or those that have to take it a little easy. I know this from experience because I was with Folk during my ENTIRE pregnancy. Continuing to work out helped me and my baby to stay healthy through the duration of my pregnancy, which made shedding the pounds afterwards a little less difficult. The La Grange group is so inspirational, motivating, and kind. We have so much fun laughing and working out together. Our instructor, Karissa, is so sweet. She always lets me know how I’m doing during the workout and tries to help me in any way she can. She genuinely cares about me and every one of our members, both physically and personally. I’m so grateful to have found this wonderful group and will be a lifetime member as long as the class is offered! -Jamie from La Grange Bootcamp

Thank you Folk Wellness! Today as I was loading/unloading chunks of concrete patio into the wheel barrel, then dumping them on the trailer and then tossing them farther onto the trailer. I kept thinking… squat (to lift wheel barrel), squat with overhead press (to dump wheel barrel), left and right jab (to rotate at my waist to toss the chunks)! Thankful for Folk Wellness and working towards health because I can! -Alisa from Stephenville Bootcamp

May 14 2014



We all have those days that we don’t want to work out even though we know we should.  When you need a little motivation, look no further. Here some awesome reasons you shouldn’t skip your workout todayPrint this so you’ll have easy access to it on the days you need it most.

  1. Because it makes you feel confident
  2. Because it helps you get stronger
  3. Because exercise helps combat depression
  4. Because you’ll feel proud of yourself
  5. Because you have goals you want to reach
  6. Because you’ll feel bad if you don’t
  7. Because you want to move forward, not backward
  8. Because it burns more calories than not working out
  9. Because it improves your heart health
  10. Because you want a great butt
  11. Because it prevents diabetes
  12. Because you want to be a good example to your kids
  13. Because you want to feel good in your clothes
  14. Because it reduces your risk of cancer
  15. Because your body was made to move
  16. Because you want to be an athlete
  17. Because you want to look better
  18. Because it lifts your mood
  19. Because you want to stand taller
  20. Because it reduces back pain
  21. Because it feels good
  22. Because it makes you feel accomplished
  23. Because you spend most of your day on your butt
  24. Because swimsuit season is always coming
  25. Because strong is the new skinny
  26. Because dieting only works so much
  27. Because it strengthens your bones, too
  28. Because it helps you lose weight
  29. Because it allows you to eat more food
  30. Because it’s the best way to spend “me” time
  31. Because it helps you de-stress
  32. Because it’s cheaper than therapy
  33. Because you want a strong core
  34. Because you want to take care for yourself
  35. Because you take pride in your body
  36. Because it strengthens your legs
  37. Because it helps your clothes fit better
  38. Because you want to push yourself
  39. Because you are capable of more than you ever imagined
  40. Because moving your body feels good
  41. Because it keeps your mind sharp
  42. Because it helps you beat belly bloat
  43. Because it helps you sleep better at night
  44. Because it gives you energy
  45. Because you want to stay healthy as you age
  46. Because you want to look younger
  47. Because you want toned arms
  48. Because it improves your balance
  49. Because it burns off last night’s dessert
  50. Because it boosts your immune system
  51. Because sweat is sexy
  52. Because you want to live longer
  53. Because you’re more likely to eat better when you exercise
  54. Because you want to shave time off your running pace
  55. Because you want to breathe easier
  56. Because you want to see the scale drop
  57. Because you are worth it
  58. Because being fit makes everything in life better
  59. Because you promised yourself that you would
  60. Because you deserve a better life
  61. Because it’ll help you drink more water
  62. Because you want to do real push-ups
  63. Because it reduces your health care costs
  64. Because you’ll miss fewer days of work
  65. Because you want to create a new future for yourself
  66. Because it’ll help you like what you see in the mirror
  67. Because it makes clothing shopping more fun
  68. Because you want to look and feel incredible
  69. Because exercising can be fun
  70. Because it’ll give your skin a glow
  71. Because it’s a good way to spend time with your friends
  72. Because it’ll help you prevent the middle-age spread
  73. Because it reduces your blood pressure
  74. Because you don’t want to let yourself go
  75. Because you don’t want to squeeze into an airplane or rollercoaster seat
  76. Because it strengthens your spirit
  77. Because it’s a cheap way to entertain yourself
  78. Because you’ll be able to reward yourself
  79. Because you need a reason to wear those new workout clothes
  80. Because you’re tired of being tired
  81. Because not working out is not going to get you very far
  82. Because it’s a great way to spend time outside
  83. Because you made a commitment to yourself
  84. Because you’re tired of starting over
  85. Because there will always be another wedding, vacation or reunion
  86. Because you’re not a quitter
  87. Because it improves your cholesterol
  88. Because it boosts your metabolism
  89. Because it prevents age-related muscle loss
  90. Because if you can do this, you can do anything
  91. Because a fit body is a healthy body
  92. Because it beats sitting on the couch
  93. Because  everyone has at least 10 minutes to spare
  94. Because you want to be stronger than your excuses
  95. Because not working out isn’t working out for you
  96. Because the only workout you ever regret is the one you skip

Source: SparkPeople


Apr 25 2014

Want A Flat Belly?

Do you struggle like so many others? Getting a flat belly is directly linked to your diet. I wish there was another way around it, but you absolutely have to eat a clean diet & drink enough water or that ol’ belly isn’t going anywhere. Here are a few tips to help get you there: 

  • Drink at least 3 liters of water every single day! 
  • Cut down on alcohol or cut it out completely (i know… i know… UGH)!
  • Reduce sodium content!
  • Limit your sugar intake!
  • Eat complex carbs & avoid the “whites” (noodles, rice, bread, sugar & flour)!
  • Get enough fiber! Do you get anywhere close to 25g?
  • Remove foods with preservatives and ingredients you can’t pronounce! 
  • Include good fats like avocado, coconut oil, almonds & flax into your diet  & Folk Members – please check your email today on more tips and foods that target belly fat specifically!  
  • Get plenty of protein!
  • Workout at least 4 days per week! This includes 2 days of Folk Wellness Co. Bootcamp with heavier dumbbells & at least 30 minutes of cardio & heavy weights on the other two days. There is a reason we alternate muscle groups in our Bootcamps – these exercises along build your core without making you look bulky! 
  • Sit-ups will not reduce belly fat – spot reducing does NOT work! You need to reduce your overall body fat to ultimately reduce belly fat. Sit-ups will build muscle underneath the actual fat, making you appear larger. 

May 3 2013

Responsible Fitness: Exercising During Cancer Treatments

We are happy to share a post with you all from our guest blogger, Melanie Bowen. Please continue to read on about the benefits of exercising during cancer treatments & check out Melanie’s other posts at where you will find posts about the benefits of alternative treatments on those diagnosed with cancer and other serious illnesses. 

Fitness and exercise feature heavily in a healthy lifestyle. 

You probably understand many of the benefits of exercising regularly when you are in good health, but when a critical health concern arises, you may not be sure what fitness level you should maintain. For cancer patients, regular exercise remains critical throughout treatment and into recovery. Studies indicate that those who exercise regularly throughout treatment report a considerably higher quality of life than those who do not. Unfortunately, few cancer patients are comfortable discussing exercise and fitness with their doctors.

Many factors will affect the necessary accommodations and appropriate exercise routine for you. Your type of cancer, overall fitness level and type of treatment should all be considered. For instance, if you have mesothelioma or another cancer that affects the lungs, you may need to minimize aerobic activity due to lung damage. If you have questions about how best to get physical exercise following your cancer diagnosis, consult your physician, who can connect you with programs designed for cancer patients and survivors. 

According to those at, whether you are currently diagnosed or are in remission are sure to reap the benefits of regular daily exercise. For cancer patients, these include:
  • Maintained or increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Improved blood flow 
  • Increased energy and fewer symptoms of fatigue
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Better weight control
  • Lower risk of blood clots
  • Lessen nausea
  • Elevated mood and decreased anxiety and depression
Following your battle with cancer, when you have received a clean bill of health, your regular fitness routine continues to be important. Cancer survivors who exercise regularly tend to have a decreased incidence of recurrence. Studies on fitness in cancer survivors are ongoing, but some research already indicates that there may be a correlation between longevity in survivors and a regular exercise regime

Throughout your fight with cancer, many people will surround and support you. Only you, however, can take the steps necessary to get physically fit. Taking exercise seriously is your personal responsibility, and it will pay great dividends in return. 

Feb 22 2013

2nd Annual Buddy Walk

Benefiting: Down Syndrome Foundation of South Texas
When: Sunday, February 24, 2013 at 12:00 Noon

Where: City Park Hallettsville, Texas

The Down Syndrome Foundation of South Texas strives to provide education, support, and resources to individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and professionals, with special attention in the rural communities. Registration is available the day of the

Feb 21 2013

When Mom Exercises in Pregnancy, Her Baby’s Heart Benefits

One of the great things about pregnancy is that it offers a seemingly plausible excuse to indulge — why not eat a little more dessert. But new research upends that mindset, showing that exercise during pregnancy can actually result in a healthier baby.
Exercising while pregnant is good for mom is hardly news, but now that mothers-to-be know it’s good for their babies, it will be that much harder to morph into a couch potato. Maternal guilt can now rear its head months before baby even appears on the scene, prompting Mom to hit the treadmill!
Previous research has indicated that exercise in the first trimester, when the placenta is formed, helps forge extra blood vessels so that there is more opportunity to exchange nutrients between mom and baby.
Researchers collected noninvasive fetal heart measurements from 66 fetuses when their mothers reached 28, 32 and 36 weeks of a typical 40-week pregnancy. Some of the mothers engaged in moderate to vigorous aerobic activity for 30 minutes at least three times a week; others didn’t exercise.
Researchers then assessed fetal heart rate and heart rate variability, which is the span between beats. Heart rate variability is indicative of heart health, which is associated with better overall health: people with increased variability are exercisers, and their hearts function more efficiently; those with decreased variability may be cardiac patients or, at the least, couch potatoes.
At 32 weeks, researchers started to see changes in heart response in the fetuses of the exercising moms. By 36 weeks, they noted a “big, significant change” — lower heart rate and increased heart rate variability.
When researchers analyzed the frequency with which Mom exercised, they found that the more activity, the lower the fetal heart rate and the higher the heart rate variability. “If she just does a little bit, it will have benefit. If she does more, it will help more. It’s similar to the exercise response of an adult. It’s very cool.” 
Even cooler is the way the results continued to manifest themselves after birth. 43 moms brought their babies back when they were 1 month old. Their hearts still showed that pumped-up quality, according to the study, which is slated for publication in the journal Early Human Development.
“It suggests the result we saw was real, and that it is giving this baby a healthier heart,” says Linda May, an exercise physiologist & anatomist at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences. Forget onesies or an engraved Tiffany rattle; heart health sounds like a pretty good gift.

Source: TIME Magazine