Dec 11 2013

Countdown To Christmas

Have you committed to Folk’s #CountdownToChristmas Challenge?

If so, we would love to hear about the goal, progress and reward you have chosen.  If you are a private person….email us your goals and such and we will be your holiday accountability partner.  Otherwise, post away on our facebook  & instagram pages and let us know with a @folkwellness & #CountdownToChristmas! We can all help each other!! This is the time of year when we really need to stay strong and challenge ourselves… let’s go for it! 

Make these last few weeks of 2013 really count in whatever way you think is most important for YOU:

  1. Choose a specific, realistic goal that you can achieve by December 31st.
  2. Post or email us weekly updates (you choose the day) about your progress (optional).
  3. Decide on a gift (YOUR REWARD) that you’ll give yourself when you meet your goal.

Here are some #CountdownToChristmas goals that our clients have set:

  1. My goal is to eat 1400-1500 calories a day, tracking everything on LoseIt (or in my journal).
  2. On days when I have special holiday events, make sure to make up the difference in calories by putting in extra workout time.
  3. I’m committing to go for a Folk Wellness Bootcamp workout at least 2 times/week!
  4. I’m posting every Friday.
  5. I will drink 8 glasses of H2O per day (I struggle with this when it’s cold).

Sample client reward: 

  1. My gift is going to be a new pair of snazy sneakers.
  2. I will finally buy myself that new purse I’ve been checkin out! 
  3. I will pamper myself with a spa day (including the longest masage they offer)!