Aug 14 2012


“Did you read that article in The New York Times last Sunday? Severe stress makes women age prematurely because stress causes DNA in our cells to shrink until they can no longer replicate. So when we’re stressed, we look haggard.” -Amanda Woods, the Holiday

If you always secretly thought your stressful job was taking years off your life — you might actually be right. A new study in the journal PLoS ONE shows the impact job stress has on certain sections of our DNA called telomeres, which have been linked in research with longevity. Finnish scientists found that people affected by the highest levels of job stress were more likely to have short telomeres, NBC News reported. According to NBC News: Telomeres become shorter with age, oxidation and chemical insults. Often, when telomeres reach a critically short length, the cell dies in a process called apoptosis. Some cells don’t die. They become what scientists call “senescent.” They sputter along, making genetic errors and causing damage. The PLoS ONE Blog reported that shortened telomeres are linked with aging and possibly even cancer. -HUFFPOST HEALTHY LIVING