May 13 2015



The best way to slim your arms is through:

  • diet,
  • cardiovascular exercise and
  • arm exercises (that work the all the muscles of the arms).

Try tracking your diet (in a journal, on fitbit and/or with myfitnesspal). This is an effective way to shed pounds and lose overall body fat. Since one pound of body weight is equal to 3,500 calories, you need to remove about 500 calories from your diet through food choices or add in exercise to achieve a 1-pound weekly weight loss (adjust this formula according to your goals). Fitbit and myfitnesspal will calculate this formula for you). Remember, it is very important to never drop below 1200 calories per day! 

I personally use fitbit! It keeps me motivated and moving! I feel so accomplished and rewarded on my bootcamp days when I’ve logged about 5,000 steps by 6:30am (bootcamp is at 5:30am). Fitbit links easily to mapmyrun so that it logs my miles jogged as well as to myfitnessspal which is where I input my food and water. They have so many pre-filled foods which is easiest for me. For example, instead of logging all the ingredients of a hamburger I will just log a hamburger from my favorite restaurant). Sometimes I forget to log every single day, so I set small goals such as… logging my food and water every Monday. 

As you lose weight and body fat via diet, continue to work on cardiovascular endurance to help burn more fat via HIIT routines, and use specific arm routines to tighten flabby areas. Above is a 21-day arm challenge to get you started! Do this on top of your bootcamp classes and off-day routines!