Dec 6 2017


We all have random and a variety of careers;  we have different socioeconomic backgrounds;  our parenting styles are all unique; and we don’t even live in the same towns (or country for that matter). But… 

we are… in this together! 

Our country is stressful, our homes are stressful, our jobs are stressful and our kids are stressed out (oh well, us ‘big people’ too of course). We live in an over-scheduled, over-stimulated world these days – parents and kids.

I talk about this a lot in my Yoga + Mindfulness in the Classroom trainings – no matter the age, we all absorb the stress of our society. Kids and adults are “acting out” these days. These are just normal reactions because we never take any time to relax, breathe and settle our little brains down anymore (aka: get off our phones – hello need for immediate replies on text, emails, facebook, ipad games, etc…).

I do have some great news for ya! Whatever you do, wherever you go you will always find it hard to find balance. Accept that and understand that we don’t have to create a perfect ‘life’ for our kids and for others. We actually can’t control much of that at all (think about it). What we can do is make a few changes to simplify our lives a bit and show our children that we don’t have to succumb to the stressors in life we currently complain about. 

I sat with my children in complete silence yesterday before school (we were waiting for our mindful bell to go off… and yes I was using youtube for it – I never said I was perfect #wink), I notice all 3 of us had a wonderful, energetic yet calm start to our day. What a difference that 5 minute break can make. A small 5 minutes of our day can make a big difference in your life. 

My message for you, Folks – you can’t change ‘life’, but you can learn how to enjoy it in a more present and fulfilling way. 

Love you and thanks for reading. 


Mar 8 2014

A Daily Reminder

love-lifeLive your life with charisma and love for everything you do. It’s important to keep it in the back of our mind that at any point everything can change. Let’s take advantage of the life that we have in front of us while we have it – try to enjoy the present moment; be grateful for what you have; and be awed at the inherent wonder & beauty of what so often seems mundane. Pursue a higher something to believe in and in true, genuine relationships like today is your last day to do so. Do not leave anything unsaid and remember to love life for the beauty that it holds.

Jun 24 2013


Reputition Henry FordIf you take consistent action toward your goals, progress will be easier to see, however, it’s the consistency part that typically messes us up. 

Think about when you’ve tried to set a huge goal? Was it easy to feel overwhelmed even before you started? Now try this: 

  • Pick a goal you are excited about / need to complete! 
  • Create a list of action items for that goal & put them in order. 
  • Take the first item and start! Every small step helps you get there and they add up over time. 
  • Keep moving along, taking one step at a time, until your’ve worked your way through the list. 

We understand that first step will be the hardest! Lean waaaay into in and just get started!

Oct 21 2012

Breaking Negative Patterns

Do you have patterns that do not support your growth & happiness?

Patterns are tied to strong emotions. This is how they’ve gained their strength. Something happens, we get emotionally triggered and we react. It’s a cycle that repeats and deepens until we decide to break it.
Recognizing patterns is good. Taking action to begin dissolving them is even better. This is how you can free yourself from your unconscious programs that keep you stuck.
Move from knowing to doing this week and create one positive change in your life. –Get good at living
  • Identify a pattern you’d like to dissolve
  • List all of your triggers
  • Experiment with a new response
“He is most powerful who has power over himself.” —Seneca

Sep 12 2012

We Hope…

…you are loving your life!
Really, really, really loving your life!

Apr 30 2012


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