Aug 9 2012

The 2012 Texas Health Champion Award

goes to… Kay MorrisProud to call you a friend, congrats!

Kay will receive her award during Texas Obesity Awareness Week. This award is presented annually to an organization or individual who has demonstrated exemplary achievement in reducing the burden and raising awareness of the obesity epidemic in Texas. 

17 years after Kay started Marathon Kids, 1,500,000 children have taken the Marathon Kids challenge. The evidence-based program is a free endurance building running/walking, nutrition, and schoolyard gardening program for K-5th graders and their families. Studies have shown that kids who participate in the program make healthier food choices, exercise more minutes per day and have a greater sense of athletic self-perception. 

Kay and the Marathon Families wellness team initiative have also furthered progress in obesity prevention with partnerships such as the Sustainable Food Center and WeViva – which provide cooking and Zumba classes, gardening workshops and other free activities for parent led teams in Austin. Click here to watch a Marathon Kids Video!