Feb 24 2014

Need to Increase Upper Body Strength?

This goes for everyone, but especially the ladies. Train your upper body at least twice a week for strength and muscle development. Since we tend to be weaker in the upper body, we need every workout we can get. Typically the upper body exercises for women starts to degrade the fastest after a period of inadequate training activity.

Everyone, both men and women alike, have their own unique muscular weaknesses and strengths. While it’s fun to work on your strengths, you MUST train up your weaknesses. You are only as strong as your weakest link.

It is very important it is for women to train their upper body on a consistent basis every week. The exercises below will make you a stronger, fitter, more athletic woman, and not to mention, really sculpt and pop the parts of the upper body that you want to stand out.

You can start implementing these exercise into your Non-Folk-Day-Workouts, no matter where you are in your strength development. Each exercise is highly customizable and you can include a lot of variety to keep things interesting. Which means no boredom. 

The rule of thumb & key to success for all movements listed here is this: Challenge yourself. You should be getting somewhat close to failure at the end of each set. Remember, doing 30 reps at 5 pounds while practically falling asleep because you’re so bored is not the way to get things done. Heavier weight for fewer repetitions is key, with the addition of high repetition light dumbbell or band work. Current Folk members, check your inbox for more information!