Apr 30 2013

Hungry? Grab a Snickers!

CRUST: 1 C almond meal; 6 dates; 1 TBSP coconut oil; 1/2 TSP vanilla extract; & 2 TBSP cacao

Blitz in a food processor. press into a lined cake tin/ pan (we actually just line a take away plastic container with baking paper!). Place in the fridge to firm up. After 10 minutes or so, get in there with your hands, and press the mixture up the sides of your tine to create a ‘crust’.
PEANUT CARAMEL: 8 dates; 2 TBSP boiling water; 1 C organic peanuts
Soak the dates in hot water for a few minutes. Blitz in a food processor to create date paste. Stir peanuts into the paste and layer on top of the crust.
CHOC ‘MOUSSE’: 2 C cashews (soaked for 5+ hours); 1/2 C water; 3/4 C coconut oil; 3 TBSP cacao; 1 TBSP honey (optional); 1/2 TSP vanilla extra
Blitz the cashews, water and coconut oil in a blender until completely smooth. Add the rest of the ingredients until combined. Pour out onto the other two layers, and allow to set in the freezer or fridge until firm. We put it into the freezer for an hour to firm up quickly, before storing it in the fridge. 
Thanks to @farmerglenn – sounds delish!