Sep 24 2019

The Last Star + Presence

The Last Star

What a funny world we live in. I just wrote about being “content” on life and then life threw me a curve ball. I am happy with, figuratively and literally, where we are (even if that “means” camping in our current money pit). But then the death came in and mixed my sensitive ways all up.

I love living this glorious life. I truly think my past-life ancestors were explorers. Exploring feeds and fuels my soul. Or nomads, but whatever they were there is some adventure-finding stuff in me.

I’ll probably only be left with photos of monkeys and bears + friends and kids + lots n lots of solo hikes at my funeral, but that’s really okay with me. That is me.

But then damn Brené Brown has to use her words to throw my confidence and contentment for a goddamn loop.

Someone super special to me just passed away and once again… I am away. This happened with both of Dustin’s grandparents. We waited and waited for the news of his grandmother and even pushed a vacation w/ friends. We are 10 hours into the drive and we get the call that she has passed. We couldn’t afford to all leave the vacation (bc we just paid for it all) and fly to MO. Does Dustin go alone? Then the same incident happens when leaving MO visiting is grandfather. One day he was chatting with Will and by the next morning he was in the hospital. They didn’t know how long. Could this be like grandma and last for weeks? We had no idea. And of course on our drive back to TX, he passes.

And now this. AJ passes away the day my parents arrive in CO. They came up a week early. Why in the world would this timing keep happening?

Because… back to damn Brené (have you guys read, Braving the Wilderness)?

She talks about being at a funeral in a small town in Texas and how funerals are “one of the most powerful examples of collective pain”. Guess what else she goes on to say? “When I asked participants to identify three to five specific behaviors that their friends, family, and colleagues do that raise their level of trust with them, funerals always emerged in the top three responses. Funerals matter. Showing up to them matters. And funerals matter not just to the people grieving, but to everyone who is there. When I asked The collective pain (and sometimes joy) we experience when gathering in any way to celebrate the end of a life is perhaps one of the most powerful experiences of inextricable connection. Death, loss, and grief are the great equalizers.

“Only holiness will call people to listen now. And the work of holiness is not about perfection or niceness; it is about belonging, that sense of being in the Presence and through the quality of that belonging, the mild magnetic of implicating others in the Presence. This is not about forging a relationship with a distant God but about the realization that we are already within God.”

— John O’Donohue (Chapter Six: Hold Hands. With Strangers)

I, like Brené’s aunt Betty, do not want a funeral. I do want my people near and far to come and party (and not a pot-luck, please cater that baby so nobody has to stress about food or clean… take the $ from my life insurance pot if you need to).


Back to Betty… I too just want to celebrate! I want you to chat about the fun and love we shared together. If you cannot make it, I want you to chime in live or with hashtags or photos and lots of coffee and bubbly! I want you all to chat about how amazing your life is “of all times right now”. I want you to promise to look after my 2 kids and hubs! I want you to celebrate knowing that I’ll always be looking after you all (insert: evil laugh bc you know I’ll so love watching after you).

Brené mentions, “An experience of collective pain does not deliver us from grief or sadness; it is a ministry of presence. These moments remind us that we are not alone in our darkness and that our broken heart is connected to every heart that has known pain since the beginning of time.”

My contented heart is conflicted. Am I selfish for feeling like I need to be there for funerals or am I not ministering my presence for that individual and that is selfish?

I did jolt out of bed early in this morning and see the above star. It made me smile. I smiled because I knew it was AJ telling me it was all going to be okay. Life is complicated enough and it doesn’t need to be pilled up with guilt of always being “away”. I do, however, recognize that I have a lot to improve on. I owe so many people gifts (simply because I get overwhelmed on finding the perfect thing and I suck at online shopping). It takes me forever to respond to social media and then it overwhelms me, but gollee do I love you. My love for you people is so hardcore.

I hope you can honor the place where I find peace; forgive me for all my faults; and truly love me just as I am. And I hope that I will always be a light in your life for you to find your way, your peace, your contentment and your happiness. Just look up. Look for the Last Star and I’ll help you find the way.

Oct 9 2018


Whether you are having too much “me” time or too much “we” time, this new moon is all about balance (relationships and connections come into play too). This October 2018 new moon is in Libra and Libra is the sign of the scales for goodness sake!

So if you’ve been leaning too heavily on either side, it’s time to restore the balance this month by brining in the opposite & creating complimentary energy. 

Something else to consider – are you involved in a battle that is taking you out of alignment? Get out! Take more time for the relationships & connections that bring added value! 

In Libra, we are likely to feel the tension and duality a bit more (hello October) because learning to embrace life’s contradictions is one of Libra’s greatest lessons. 

Libra also gifts us to see all sides of the story and appreciate the pros and cons of all possible options. This of course can feel like a blessing and a curse, ha! 

This new moon in Libra might be the reason October feels a bit tough & twisty, but just remember that recognizing beauty in others is what Libra (and life) is all about. The key is to realize that an ‘other’ is an individual with feelings, desires and needs that are distinct from – but equally important to – your own. 

Show some compassion this month – don’t be jealous or envious – don’t go running your mouth making snarky comments to friends or in public (that you might think are private) groups. It won’t make you feel better, look better or build you up by being a passive or aggressive b*&%$! Think before you speak… because those thoughts will become your destiny.

Oh and another tip for our young readers out there (and to our grown that still act young) – your hurtful words and actions will indeed hurt the person you intend to hurt (even if it was… a secret). It always gets back to the person you intended to hurt in some way or form, but here is the real kicker – just remember, you only hurt yourself. You may not feel or notice it at first, but it’s a vibe thing, an energy thing that you just put out. That energy won’t attract the sweet stuff, the life you want in the long run and it’s only you to bare that weight upon your shoulders. If you feel like you are already there, scroll up to the top of this post and read again – it’s all about the balance this month. Try doing some kind things – right your wrongs. And if you’ve been hurt – simply understand that indeed the person that hurt you has something underneath that thick coat that hurts him/her. You were only that person’s target, but it has nothing to do with you.  Breathe that in, baby! 

Balance it out. Restore what’s off. Connect to what’s right. Hugs. 

Sep 26 2018


Oh End-Of-September… what have you done?

Ideas, fears, thoughts and vulnerabilities are twirling and swirling inside.  

S Q U I R R E L: Speaking of vulnerability, have you listened to Brene’ Brown’s Power of Vulnerability TED Talk? 

So… BAM! It hits me. I finally look at the calendar and realize it’s the 2018 Autumn Equinox and a Harvest Moon! Happy Fall Y’all! 

Besides ragweed in Texas – that is not kind to me –  fall is a gorgeous (actually my favorite) time of year that I miss tremendously. I miss watching the kids and D rake the leaves (Yep, I’m the supervisor. The Big Guy does not let me touch his yard or his 60+ bags of live oak tree leaves). I miss wearing boots and jeans… and layers! I miss all my Capricorn-self neutral colors blasted everywhere (or is Christmas stuff overwhelming it all – say it ain’t so – please).

S Q U I R R E L… this Capricorn is turning 40 this year by the way! Ho Ho Ho! 

I do NOT, however, miss me trying to have a glass of wine on our Anniversary (10 years tomorrow – September 27th – what what) and my face puffing up and turning into a ‘I wanna scratch it off’ situation – “CHEERS H O N E Y – “NOW LET’S GO HOME”. God forbid I’d actually smarten up and take something for my ragweed allergies (instead, I moved). 

The ironic part is I’m writing about a fall realization from my rainy season view here in Costa Rica. The trees are all full and bright & green. But a girl can “have roots and wings”! Sorry Jake, they truly can (who’s with me here?)! I can! I can sit here on my ‘wing’ and look at everything perking up with also having a sense of shedding that I visualize from my ‘roots’. 

I was with chatting with someone special yesterday and I felt compelled to tell ‘special person’ I wanted to write about this strong urge of shedding that I was feeling like preaching about. Those of you that have been in a class, retreat or presentation with me know I like to talk (heck every single person that knows me knows I like to talk, to preach, to not… shut… up…), but I don’t have you Texans face to face anymore. I told ‘special person’ I was trying to write about it and I just couldn’t  get it together, until ‘special person’ called. Until ‘special person’ challenged me to tell her about it. Until ‘special person’ dared me to write about it. 

After our conversation, it unfolded like magic. The fairy dust had been sprinkled.  I finally found the vibe, the words, my thoughts.. and get this… I got it from a blog, a source, a link called, “Hallie Rose” (ignore the spelling) – it was truly meant to be! ‘Hally Rose’ is my niece by the way! It was a sign! I love my little Hally! 

What I was trying to talk to ‘special person’ about was the Autumn Equinox and Harvest Moon… and Hallie Rose (Hally Rose) gave me the words. I forwarded ‘special person’ the Autumn Equinox blog post right away for this Hallie Rose chick was able to write about what I was trying express (And because vulnerability is hard for me, writing is hard for me. I am not a writer so I just think about how people will judge me, however, I have so much I want to say (So. Much. To. Say,). You see… I am in need of a little shedding of that which holds me back. All the times I tell myself I am not enough and wait until it’s perfect… and then the perfect never comes. Do you see why Brené is so important to me. I need her. I hide in the corner. I don’t  dance in public like nobody is watching. I need more Brené). Okay, let’s dive in: 

  • Autumn Equinox: “Shed your leaves, or the nest of busy things that demand your attention, you may feel bare, vulnerable, or uncomfortable. Taking a leap and making a change are scary things. Suddenly, the tree, once surrounded in lush emerald robes, is now bare. Naked and alone it experiences a period of darkness: the cold of winter. The tree may think, “Leaves, come back! I miss you.”. But one day the tree wakes up and sees a lovely view: “I would have missed this view had I not shed my leaves.”. Shedding what doesn’t serve us is always scary. But in order to invite new opportunities, relationships, and challenges into our lives we must clear space for them. New leaves can’t grow unless we let the old ones go.Sometimes our lives feel so full there doesn’t seem to be room for anything else. We have the job, the partner, children, pets, activities, renovations, and social commitments. Sometimes we find ourselves going through the motions. A whole week passes and we ask ourselves, “What did I do for myself this week?”. Our lives are too full. We make excuses, “I don’t have time to [journal, paint, exercise, work on my novel, be in nature], I’m just too busy.” As humans, I think we are comfortable being busy. The busy things in our lives are like our leaves: they surround us, keep us  feeling warm, useful, and shield us from the scary unknown. This busy work can seem impressive, and keep us looking good on the outside: isn’t a lush green tree more beautiful than a bare one? As a tree, taking care of the leaves is our duty. Right? You see, “Trees actually go through a process called abscission whereby specialized cells stop sending water to the leaves and the tree actually reabsorbs its nutrients. This fortifies the tree for the dark days of winter. Interestingly, the word abscission comes from the same root word as “scissors:” scindere, which means “to cut” or “split.” In this way leaves do not just “fall” from the trees, they are released with purpose, cut away rather than blown off by the wind; I think this bears a certain intentionality.” 

You see, sitting here thinking about ‘fall’ & thinking about this Harvest Moon and the Autumn Equinox in two countries simultaneously is mind blowing for me. I can shed with the leaves in Texas and bloom like the trees in Costa Rica. It’s so goose-bumpy to me! 

Oh and about the full moon:

  • Harvest Moon: “Full moons are powerful, they are about a change in season. During full moons, all parts of life – light and dark – get illuminated, and is an opportunity to do some emotional cleaning. This Full Harvest Moon rises in the astrological sign of Virgo. Astrologers believe the sign is governed by the planet Mercury and governs aspects of life and work. Eventually a series of crises, test and challenges, will perfect the skills necessary to overcome the obstacles, frustration and conflict of the opposition. The honing of the necessary life skills & learning to relate to others at the emotional level, can lead to the life-experience necessary for great achievements and success.” If you were keeping an eye on the stars this past summer, you’ll recall that things were a little, er, wild. Between all the planetary retrogrades and multiple eclipses, we had our hands full dealing with celestially inspired chaos and changes. If you take a moment this week to look back on the tumultuous summer, you’ll likely realize you learned a thing or two about rolling with the punches — and that’s always worth celebrating. If you’re hoping to use the September full moon as more than a victory lap, you’re in luck. It’ll be moving through two signs that will help you determine — and then create — your vision for the future. So, whether you’re basking in a recent triumph or preparing for your next success, this full moon will serve you in your pursuits. And, more importantly, it’ll remind you that there’s more to fall than lugging your coats out of storage.”
So… read it or delete it, but if you’ve felt a little weird this week, there might be a reason why. The good news is that you can blame in on the arrival of autumn and the full moon!
Yee Haw & Pura Vida! 
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Dec 6 2017


We all have random and a variety of careers;  we have different socioeconomic backgrounds;  our parenting styles are all unique; and we don’t even live in the same towns (or country for that matter). But… 

we are… in this together! 

Our country is stressful, our homes are stressful, our jobs are stressful and our kids are stressed out (oh well, us ‘big people’ too of course). We live in an over-scheduled, over-stimulated world these days – parents and kids.

I talk about this a lot in my Yoga + Mindfulness in the Classroom trainings – no matter the age, we all absorb the stress of our society. Kids and adults are “acting out” these days. These are just normal reactions because we never take any time to relax, breathe and settle our little brains down anymore (aka: get off our phones – hello need for immediate replies on text, emails, facebook, ipad games, etc…).

I do have some great news for ya! Whatever you do, wherever you go you will always find it hard to find balance. Accept that and understand that we don’t have to create a perfect ‘life’ for our kids and for others. We actually can’t control much of that at all (think about it). What we can do is make a few changes to simplify our lives a bit and show our children that we don’t have to succumb to the stressors in life we currently complain about. 

I sat with my children in complete silence yesterday before school (we were waiting for our mindful bell to go off… and yes I was using youtube for it – I never said I was perfect #wink), I notice all 3 of us had a wonderful, energetic yet calm start to our day. What a difference that 5 minute break can make. A small 5 minutes of our day can make a big difference in your life. 

My message for you, Folks – you can’t change ‘life’, but you can learn how to enjoy it in a more present and fulfilling way. 

Love you and thanks for reading. 


Sep 24 2014

Always Free

“Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves.” -Friedrich Nietzsche. 

Recognize that we are all imperfect; appreciate what you have; be in every moment; accept uncertainty; love yourself regardless of what others think; learn from your mistakes; and choose to always forgive instead of seeing the world through bitter eyes. If you can do this and recognize all the progress you’ve made in your life so far you truly be able to realize how free you already are.

And speaking of being free, come check out one of our folk bootcamps near you! Your 1st class is always free! 

Jun 8 2014

Beach Body Workout


All you need is about 45 minute of time & some strength – you can do this! 

20 squats + 20 lunges + 10 burpees + 20 push-ups + 30 mountain climbers + side planks = 2 rounds

5 minute jog + 10 step-ups (10lbs) + 20 tricep extensions + 1 minute plank
= 3 rounds

5 minute jog + 15 plie squats + 15 bicep curl + upright row
= 3 rounds

Feb 5 2014



We love you, Folk Wellness Co. bootcampers! We are here for you. We will work with you even when it is hard and it hurts… just like any committed relationship. 

Sep 16 2013

Motivation Monday

Challenge yourselfThink you CAN. – If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. And change breeds growth. So when a goal seems big and a plan looks tough, just start, push through it, and soon the next thing you need to do will look possible. Step by step you can get through anything!

Wear your truth. – As long as you keep being YOU, as long as you keep staying true to yourself and the passions that move you, nothing else matters.

Take time before it’s too late. – Take time to realize what it is you want; to take risks; to love, laugh, cry, and forgive. Look straight ahead and say “YES” to the opportunities coming your way. Happiness and success never come to look for you while you wait around. You’ve got to get out there, take chances, and work at it to make your dreams come true.

Be the leader of your own journey. – There are far too many capable people who don’t pursue their dreams and goals because they let their fears and others talk them out of it. Choose to swim upstream when you have to. Choose to do the things in life that move you. 

Take calculated risks. – Life is short. The day is rapidly approaching when the risk to remain perched in your nest is far more detrimental than the risk it takes to fly. Fly! Spread your wings. Start now. 

Change your thoughts. – Thoughts are power. They create and destroy. What is possible is everything. What you do is up to you. Look around and you will see that almost your entire life has been born out of your thoughts. Know this, and plant your seeds accordingly.

Concentrate on being your best self. – Negativity becomes a life altering habit, just the same as positivity; the difference is the amount of belief you hold in yourself, and how you use this belief to fuel your growth. Stay positive and remember that the connections you’re looking for in life typically become visible when you’re working hard at being your best self, and not looking at all.

Pay attention to life while you’re living it. – Realize that life is simply a collection of little chances for happiness, each lived one second at a time. That some time each day should be spent noticing the beauty in the space between the big events. That moments of dreaming and sunsets and refreshing breezes cannot be bettered. 

Say “goodbye” so you can say “hello.” – In life, goodbyes are a gift. When certain opportunities close their doors on you, there is no need to hold onto them or pray to keep them present in your life. If they close you out, take it as a direct indication that these people, circumstances and opportunities are not part of the plan for the next step of your life. It’s a hint that your personal growth requires someone different and something more, and life is simply making room. -marcandangel

Jun 24 2013


Reputition Henry FordIf you take consistent action toward your goals, progress will be easier to see, however, it’s the consistency part that typically messes us up. 

Think about when you’ve tried to set a huge goal? Was it easy to feel overwhelmed even before you started? Now try this: 

  • Pick a goal you are excited about / need to complete! 
  • Create a list of action items for that goal & put them in order. 
  • Take the first item and start! Every small step helps you get there and they add up over time. 
  • Keep moving along, taking one step at a time, until your’ve worked your way through the list. 

We understand that first step will be the hardest! Lean waaaay into in and just get started!

May 13 2013


“Comparison is the thief of joy.” -Theodore Roosevelt