Sep 29 2018

Raven & Catalyst

Folk is offering these products to you at wholesale cost! The are our Fall Folk Young Living and Advocare recommendations. Call (+1 512-844-5507) or email ( us today to snag either (or both) of these items at wholesale cost! 
Let Raven essential oil get you through this season (I do NOT use eucalyptus on kids)… Rub it on your chest and on the back of your neck before a workout to promote deeper breathing. Your lungs will operate at full capacity to get you through your workout. This is also a time for ragweed and mold to start bugging (in Texas anyway) and Raven will help open up the airways for easier breathing. It’s also nice to add a few drops to your bath or apply to feet before bed after a hard bootcamp session! Retail: $47.04 | Wholesale: $35.75
Catalyst provides a blend of branched chain amino acids to fuel your body with muscle-building components. Amino acids are needed to maintain and promote lean body mass, endurance and strength, while other components help to support natural muscle repair and protection. Take 1 capsule (or up to 3) before a workout and feel the difference! I like taking this in the fall bc the weather is perfect to push yourself a little harder! No ‘heat’ or ‘cold’ weather stopping you! Retail Price: $31.50 | Wholesale: $25.20
Hugs + Big Love