Feb 18 2014

Spring Challenge

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There are only a few days until Spring so why not get prepared for  swimsuit season with another Folk Challenge #spring30 

The Rules: 

  • No refined starches after 3pm such as potatoes, white pasta, white rice, white bread, bagels, flour tortillas, white rolls, hot dog & hamburger buns, pita pockets, instant oatmeal, pastries, white sugar, processed cereals, crackers and any packaged snacks labeled “enriched flour”. If you really want to step this challenge up a notch, try staying away from these starches completely for this challenge! Remember these starches break down quickly causing you to have blood sugar crashes, prevent you from burning fat, make you hungrier sooner and are no bueno for getting rid of belly fat. 
  • Limit starches after 3pm such as sweet potatoes, yams, butternut squash, acorn squash, pumpkin, plantains, peas and corn to Folk Wellness Co. Bootcamp and/or intense workout days only. Lets focus on lots of protein and veggies for dinner instead. These are always a better option than refined starches (the ones listed in Rule #1), however, it’s important to remember they are heavier and will raise your blood sugar more than other non-starchy veggies. Enjoy these yummies earlier in the day! 
  • Starches you are allowed to have on this challenge after 3pm include hummus, garbanzo beans, kidney beans, black beans, lima beans, lentils, quinoa, amaranth, carrots, and beets. These are digested slowly & keep your blood sugar stable. Stable blood sugar means you’ll feel more energized, have less crashes, burn fat and they will allow for your body to absorb more minerals and vitamins.
  • Journal your cheat days! We are hoping you have fewer cheat days, therefore, making it easier to journal why you had a cheat day (ex: Feb 19th-ate goldfish crackers @ 5pm because they were in my car and I forgot to eat before my late evening meeting; Feb 25th-ate sweet potatoes for dinner, however, it wasn’t a Folk Bootcamp day; Mar 3rd-happy hour of pizza and beer with friends; Mar 14th-had a crappy day and wanted a burger). Accountability is key! 
  • Email us or post your results on March 20th, 2014 – the first day of spring! #spring30