Jun 27 2014

Testimonial Friday

Why Folk? Because it’s amazing, never boring and has allowed me to accomplish things I never guessed I could do!  The friends I have made are so caring and supportive and it’s the only program that I know of that is kid friendly! I couldn’t do it with out that factor. Thank you Folk and Karissa for getting me off the couch and teaching me a better, healthier way to live! –Lori from La Grange Bootcamp
I have been a member of the Folk Family for just over two years now. Being a part of such a wonderful family has helped me to continue my exercise regimen and actually enjoy it at the same time! The workouts are always different, so it’s not the same thing every time. The workouts are also as challenging as you want to make them. There are always modifications for those just joining or those that have to take it a little easy. I know this from experience because I was with Folk during my ENTIRE pregnancy. Continuing to work out helped me and my baby to stay healthy through the duration of my pregnancy, which made shedding the pounds afterwards a little less difficult. The La Grange group is so inspirational, motivating, and kind. We have so much fun laughing and working out together. Our instructor, Karissa, is so sweet. She always lets me know how I’m doing during the workout and tries to help me in any way she can. She genuinely cares about me and every one of our members, both physically and personally. I’m so grateful to have found this wonderful group and will be a lifetime member as long as the class is offered! -Jamie from La Grange Bootcamp

Thank you Folk Wellness! Today as I was loading/unloading chunks of concrete patio into the wheel barrel, then dumping them on the trailer and then tossing them farther onto the trailer. I kept thinking… squat (to lift wheel barrel), squat with overhead press (to dump wheel barrel), left and right jab (to rotate at my waist to toss the chunks)! Thankful for Folk Wellness and working towards health because I can! -Alisa from Stephenville Bootcamp