Jul 21 2012

The Right Way to Lose Fat

Successful weight loss depends on behaviors and habits that make us human. Many people make excuses for why they aren’t healthier. The most common complaint you’ll hear is that, “I don’t have enough time.” And you know what?  That excuse is valid. It is not a lazy excuse – it’s a real concern. And millions of people feel it. If you have a career, a family, or even just a busy social life, you probably don’t have time to dedicate huge chunks of your day to fitness. But there’s a big difference between not having enough time, and finding time to take care of your body.

It’s called habit-based coaching and it can work for you, too. To sum it up, choose 1 habit at a time, master it and then move on to the next! In the meantime, check out The 5 Rules of Fat Loss (and for more information, click here!:

  1. Don’t eat so much. Replace some good calories for bad calories and cut back on your portions a little. Voila.  
  2. Eat healthy food. In general, the best foods are lean meats, vegetables and high-quality fats. Also, add in a multi-vitamin and fish oil supplements.
  3. Move more often. Small steps make a big impact on how your body feels and how many calories you burn.
  4. Do strength training a few times per week. To look and feel better, speed up the rate of fat loss and preserve muscle you need to do weight-traiing and bodyweight workouts. 
  5. Do intervals (aka “Cardio”). This are your calorie-burning activity. Try 30 seconds of running, followed by 60 seconds of recovery slow jogging