Oct 9 2018


Whether you are having too much “me” time or too much “we” time, this new moon is all about balance (relationships and connections come into play too). This October 2018 new moon is in Libra and Libra is the sign of the scales for goodness sake!

So if you’ve been leaning too heavily on either side, it’s time to restore the balance this month by brining in the opposite & creating complimentary energy. 

Something else to consider – are you involved in a battle that is taking you out of alignment? Get out! Take more time for the relationships & connections that bring added value! 

In Libra, we are likely to feel the tension and duality a bit more (hello October) because learning to embrace life’s contradictions is one of Libra’s greatest lessons. 

Libra also gifts us to see all sides of the story and appreciate the pros and cons of all possible options. This of course can feel like a blessing and a curse, ha! 

This new moon in Libra might be the reason October feels a bit tough & twisty, but just remember that recognizing beauty in others is what Libra (and life) is all about. The key is to realize that an ‘other’ is an individual with feelings, desires and needs that are distinct from – but equally important to – your own. 

Show some compassion this month – don’t be jealous or envious – don’t go running your mouth making snarky comments to friends or in public (that you might think are private) groups. It won’t make you feel better, look better or build you up by being a passive or aggressive b*&%$! Think before you speak… because those thoughts will become your destiny.

Oh and another tip for our young readers out there (and to our grown that still act young) – your hurtful words and actions will indeed hurt the person you intend to hurt (even if it was… a secret). It always gets back to the person you intended to hurt in some way or form, but here is the real kicker – just remember, you only hurt yourself. You may not feel or notice it at first, but it’s a vibe thing, an energy thing that you just put out. That energy won’t attract the sweet stuff, the life you want in the long run and it’s only you to bare that weight upon your shoulders. If you feel like you are already there, scroll up to the top of this post and read again – it’s all about the balance this month. Try doing some kind things – right your wrongs. And if you’ve been hurt – simply understand that indeed the person that hurt you has something underneath that thick coat that hurts him/her. You were only that person’s target, but it has nothing to do with you.  Breathe that in, baby! 

Balance it out. Restore what’s off. Connect to what’s right. Hugs.