Sep 24 2019

Vitamin D (Drops) + Content

Chapman Hill Hike

“But right now, I’m content to bask in the sun and glory of the world that is my own. “

Poem by Seeker

I took off today in realization that I have not yet hiked one single mountain, much less a hill since we’ve moved to Colorado. I have been on kid duty and Dustin on house-remodel duty and both on trying to keep up with work-duties.

I drove around like a coo coo head peeping in windows of hair salons to see which one “felt” best. I have no idea where to go and if you saw me, I apologize for the strange behavior.

These little trails screamed out at me today on a drive by to the next hair salon. I knew I needed to get out in nature and get my therapy on.

Sunshine in my face is such an important vitamin for me. Speaking of… if you think you are in an possible way in need of Vitamin D, check out the brand, Pure Encapsulations. I add 1 drop to each of the kids’ water bottles and 2 to mine.

I’m recovering from some parasite “stuff” and I can fully tell that my body is in desperate need of repair. So, although I’m getting a lot of this sunny sunshine in Colorful Colorado… I’m adding this supplement. I also have Will and Marynn on it to fight off the cooties going around in their school. Other benefits include:

  • healthy bones and teeth
  • healthy immune, brain and nervous system
  • regulates insulin levels (diabetic aid)
  • supports lung function (mine is off) and cardiovascular health
  • protects against cancer, type 1 diabetes, and multiple sclerosis
Chapman Hill Hike
Chapman Hill Hike

I was cruising up this not-so-long hike and I was overwhelmed by contentment. You see, it was mentioned to me recently, “I know your life too is challenging, although your life online is picture perfect”. Something like that… I tend to not want to dwell on the exacts, for I also was trying to figure out why it nudged at me a little bit.

I (we) have given up a lot of stuff to find “our” happy. It’s just that, though… it’s “our” happy. Many others would not liked to have packed all our belongs every few months to to witness ocean view after ocean view or sit in cloud forest after cloud forest. But we did. I (we) did not have that feeling while living in Austin. I felt stuck and starting to suffocate and I could tell D was feeling that tingle too. I didn’t feel present with the kids and I felt like life was slipping by, although I chanted to myself each day, “today is a such a gift”.

Now don’t get me wrong, I miss Austin, I miss my friends, I miss Texas, I miss family, but this is a soul-filling mission. So yes, behind the scenes of photos are my precious friends and family that we miss dearly.

But what also developed is bonds of squeezes and love after lapsed time – truly cherishing the valuable time we do have together. We’ve had more folks stay with us in the past two years that I think I’ve ever had in my life. There is no better feeling than waking up with friends and family, snuggling with coffee and deepening our relationships.

Yes, our party of 4 gets annoyed with each other. Dustin’s beard is annoying me right now bc when he talks it looks like his beard wants to eat something. You know that little girl from Ms. Perrigrine’s that eats the turkey leg on the back of her head … yep, that’s his beard. It’s peculiar, but mostly it annoys me bc I know he isn’t taking care of himself. He’s putting work, us and the house ahead of himself.

We have many issues that many would never want to take on (like, um, Type 1 and Parasites), but we are content. We truly can say we have made changes that allows us to bask in the sun and glory of the world that is “our” own. I love and cherish all the unique stories out there of the journeys you take. I love that we each have various desires, loves and contentments. I have sad days and anxious days and really crazy elated days, but overall – I. Am. Content.