Jul 9 2012

What can you do to motivate others?

LEAD BY EXAMPLE – The best reason you can give someone for adopting a healthy lifestyle is to do it yourself and let others see how it has helped you. Talk about the benefits that may not be visible on the surface. 

FOLLOW THE PLEASURE PRINCIPLE – Sigmund Freud was right on the money when he said that people are motivated by the desire to seek pleasure. Make doing the right things as fun and pleasurable as possible. That will work better than preaching the evils of instant gratification, glorifying the the virtues of delayed gratification & self-discipline and striking fear into the hearts or unhealthy eaters. -By Dean Anderson, Behavioral Psychology Expert 

If you want to get your loved ones to join in your efforts to Be Healthy – start leading by example and enjoying every second! Once they give Folk Wellness Co. and their new healthy lifestyle a chance – they just might find it pleasant and rewarding. If you’ve been nervous about joining our classes, don’t be… our First Timers Fitness Class starts tonight (led by the fearless and fabulous, Coleen Heinrich)! See you @ the Schulenburg Sports Complex from 545PM – 615PM. Grab some water, a mat/towel and dumbbells (a heavy and a light set).