May 9 2013

Shed Your Saddlebags

Here’s the deal – sport reduction is NOT an effective method of losing body fat (which is what saddle bags are). Please read the following 3 tips & join Folk Wellness Co. for additional help.

– If you have saddlebags, your body has an active fat storage enzymes in your thighs. So, it’s time to watch any overeating if you are looking to tell those bags “bye bye”! Please make sure most of your calories come from unprocessed fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

– Make sure you infuse your cardio with interval training to show your fat who’s boss. Intervals are key, not repetitive movements such as a 2 mile run day after day.

– Include strength training into your exercise routine at least 3 times a week. Building muscles increases your body’s ability to burn fat. To get started try these execises to trim your thighs – Step-UpsSquats