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Fayette Public Library
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mon & thu @ 6:00 PM


About LaGrange Bootcamp

LaGrange Folk Wellness has a lot to offer!  Our bootcamp location moves every 6 months to a year.  We do this for a change of scenery and the opportunity of new challenges. The ladies that are apart of our group ALWAYS seem to amaze us.  They are up for any challenge that comes their way and enjoy working together.  We have fun and laugh while working out (especially during those pool workouts).  You will always find a smile, words of encouragement, and a pat on the back with our LaGrange team.  These women say Coach Karissa was the toughest while pregnant, but pregnant OR not these women ROCK!  We are always looking for new faces and challenges.  We LOVE our group and all of our La Grange locations.  We are a determined group of ladies that enjoy living a healthy, happy lifestyle. 

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What our Folks are saying…

  • “It is kid friendly, I don’t have a babysitter and you allow me to bring my kids.”
  • “I love working out outside.  Not the same boring gym equipment.”
  • “The workouts are fun, tough, and different each time”
  • It’s my time each work for myself to better my health.”
  • “I much rather workout with a group of peeps versus on my own.”
  • “We are family…FOLK family.”
  • “Folk Wellness is a wonderful opportunity to not only get fit, but also have fun at the same time.  The camaraderie of the ladies is motivating and inspiring.  Exercising as a group makes us more committed to a goal as we hold each other accountable.   Folk welcomes all ages (even old women like me) to become healthy, not only physically, but mentally as well.  I have really enjoyed our Folk group and the benefits that come from regular exercise.  Our instructor, Karissa Kleiber is awesome!!!”
  • I love going to Folk Wellness because: it’s important for my health; it’s fun; I’ve strengthened previous friendships and have made a lot of new ones; we support and encourage each other; every workout is different, so I never get bored; Karissa helps me to modify an exercise if I need to…that’s why it is great for all ages; I feel better; and it makes me happy
  • I have been with the La Grange Folk Group for 4 months and I am really enjoying it! Ive enjoyed meeting all the women that attend. They have been great and were very welcoming to me as a new comer. I love that we do something different every class. It keeps you on your toes!  Karissa keeps things fun. Shes been great. Very patient with me 🙂 Everything is done at your own pace, which is nice. The second you feel like you may need a break you have the women pushing you on. Helping you get thru it. Its such a good felling. We have a great group of women and I plan on attending for the long run.
  • Because it’s amazing, never boring and has allowed me to accomplish things I never guessed I could do!  The friends I have made are so caring and supportive and it’s the only program that I know of that is kid friendly! I couldn’t do it with out that factor. Thank you Folk and Karissa for getting me off the couch and teaching me a better, healthier way to live!
  • I have been a member of the Folk Family for just over two years now. Being a part of such a wonderful family has helped me to continue my exercise regimen and actually enjoy it at the same time! The workouts are always different, so it’s not the same thing every time. The workouts are also as challenging as you want to make them. There are always modifications for those just joining or those that have to take it a little easy. I know this from experience because I was with Folk during my ENTIRE pregnancy. Continuing to work out helped me and my baby to stay healthy through the duration of my pregnancy, which made shedding the pounds afterwards a little less difficult. The La Grange group is so inspirational, motivating, and kind. We have so much fun laughing and working out together. Our instructor, Karissa, is so sweet. She always lets me know how I’m doing during the workout and tries to help me in any way she can. She genuinely cares about me and every one of our members, both physically and personally. I’m so grateful to have found this wonderful group and will be a lifetime member as long as the class is offered!


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