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Roxy's Gym
Schulenburg, TX View on Google Maps

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thu & tue @ 5:30 PM


About Schulenburg Bootcamp

Come join our Schulenburg 1 hour bootcamp if you enjoy working out with a lively group…we work hard, play hard & have fun! Schulenburg Sports Complex is the perfect setting for our evening workouts- it has everything we need to keep the workouts fun for our folks & we change it up so it’s always new. The trail leading all throughout the park means we enjoy our runs. Not to mention the open fields, picnic tables & benches that we use to mix up our workouts. 

Our Folksters really love it because it’s centrally located and easy to get to, plus has plenty of parking. Read more about our other Folk Wellness Co. Bootcamps and Instructors!

What our Folks are saying

  • “Pain is Weakness Leaving the Body” – A favorite quote from high school cross country. I usually repeat tis to myself while running to remind myself to keep going. I’m only getting stronger with each step I take. -Folkster
  • “I can only speak the truth… it is a great feeling to find a workout that really works! It’s never the same which keeps it fun and I get to do it with my fav. peeps. Plus, you get great results that I never got with all the other waste-of-my-time stuff I was doing! I know all the other girls feel the same.” -Renee
  • “Kristin, that work out last Thursday was a good one (well I HATED doing it, BUT) I was sore in all the places that need the most work!  I hate to say this but I will need to do that one again.  Thanks for always knowing what we need.  You know we are all tooo lazy to push ourselves like Coach Rox pushes us.  SO THANKS even though my boo-tay & legs were not in agreement.” -Folkster
  • “Bootcamp beat me to exhaustion tonight, thanks Rox! If you haven’t checked out Folk Wellness boot camp in Schulenburg, what are you waiting for!? First class is free and pricing is amazing! All levels, shapes, sizes and ages are welcomed.” -Brittaney 
  • “Thanks so much for caring. It definitely shows. What I’ve learned from you has been & will continue to be very life changing. I mean that!!  YOU have changed my life. Thanks again.” -Folkster


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